Hangzhou SFT New Material Technology Co., Ltd is a new technical company, has R&D, production, marketing etc. It is located in Hengbanqiao Industry Park, Wuchang, Hangzhou where has rich different kind resources and good traffic.


SFT New Material was founded by several key technical persons of Volant Group. It will be the R&D base and one of the main members of Volant Group. It was well invested, has high standard new materials R&D platform and new materials flexible production system.


SFT New Material specializes in Boron compounds, Photoelectric materials, Semiconductor materials, Polyolefin catalyst materials, New pharmaceutical and agrochemical materials etc areas. It provides customer chemical compounds, process and on-site guidance.


The company’s target is: try best to use the world technology, people and facilities resources, continues to develop high standard materials which can bring convenience to human life, reduce environment pollution,  increase safety and increase health level.


Hope you would like to work with SFT!

Hangzhou SFT New Material Technology Co. , Ltd. will use the new materials R & D resources worldwide, providing a technical platform for new materials R & D counterparts around the world, the introduction of world-class R & D personnel training, to build a world-class interdisciplinary research and development team, to become the world's leading new material research and development company.
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